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What is SHOUTcast radio?
SHOUTcast radio is a streaming MP3 audio service. The software is freely available at
Software Options:

How do I listen to it?
I use Winamp, available at All versions come with SHOUTcast support.

I have Winamp installed and it doesn't work, what's the deal?
  1. You may need to update your Winamp software. Go to and download the new version.
  2. You may have your filetypes mismatched or not mapped at all.
    1. Open up Winamp
    2. Press CTRL+P to open up preferences.
    3. Select Setup->File Types in the left pane.
    4. In the "Associated extensions" box, make sure that pls is highlighted

Okie dokie, all is set up. How do I listen?
Just click the link to the radio station. The link should appear as something like "". Winamp should automatically play it.

So what's playing?
The song currently playing should be listed on the homepage.

Current song:

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