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    Chrono Cross Info
    Chrono Cross has been out in Japan for awhile and the response is astounding! I expected the game to be good but apparently it is one of the best Playstation RPGs.
    Game Spot(formally gave it a perfect 10, the first RPG EVER to receive that score. Reader feedback has rated the game at 9.5. Whoever the judge may be, they all seem to agree, Chrono Cross is a great game! The developers really put forth an effort. They didn't have nearly the resources that the Final Fantasy development team receive, yet they still prove that they can make a better game.
    Game Statistics
    Genre:		RPG(duh)
    Release:	August 3, 2000
    Discs:		2
    Characters:	40
    Cost:		Priceless (well, actually it's $44.95.)
    PSX RPGs by Score1
    Game				GameSpot	Reader	Average
    Chrono Cross			10		9.5	9.75
    Final Fantasy VIII		9.5		9.1	9.3
    Xenogears			9.0		8.9	8.95
    Final Fantasy VII		9.5		8.1	8.8
    Wild Arms			8.6		8.6	8.6
    Final Fantasy Anthology		8.1		7.6	7.85